Amateur Combative Sports & Fitness Training Center

Kamikaze Punishment Foundation Mission Statement
It is the purpose of Kamikaze Punishment Foundation is to promote and foster the development of the sports of youth amateur boxing, amateur wrestling, kodokan judo, and taekwondo in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With the use of information, education, positive public relations, leadership and creditable instruction to promote the youth combat sports. 

Kamikaze Punishment Foundation facility is open to the general public our programs are offered for ages 5 years old and up. We are willing to work with all income levels to give the every youth access to participate in our amateur sports programs. We keep our costs low and work with families to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take part in our programs. 

No one is ever turned away from our facility. If our costs are not within the family budget we work out a fee that is fair and affordable to both sides. Majority of our volunteers, donate their time and effort in order to subside their monthly registration fee. Kamikaze Punishment Foundation develops its students to reach their full potential through self-discipline, confidence, fitness, and sportsmanship. Our certified NCCP coaching staff presents the highest quality programs is a safe manor. 

Our registration fees are kept below the industry standards as we offset operating cost with team building fundraisers in the community. We will never turn anyone away from training in our facility that is ready to learn and brings a positive attitude.

Coaching, communication, and leadership are all traits promoted within the training at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation.