Amateur Boxing Program

Boxing Program

Boxing training refers to the routine followed by boxers in order to get fit for their sport. Boxing trainers and doctors claim that it is one of the most ascetic forms of training, which makes it a popular choice of exercise for both fitness instructors and personal trainers. Boxing training has multiple scientifically proven benefits including cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and weight loss.

Amateur and professional athletes and teams can use boxing exercises to improve their performance in their respective sporting events. While other participants can attain their weight loss or fitness goals through a fun and highly beneficial boxing program in Kamikaze. Experienced trainers and coaches have realized that boxing provides an advanced level of cross training that significantly enhances the athlete’s physical performance with regard to balance, power, speed and endurance. Boxing exercises are particularly useful when there is limited time to develop these attributes, which are necessary for optimum performance in sports like rugby, soccer, swimming, cricket, tennis and dancing.