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Amateur Wrestling Program

Kamikaze Punishment provides the best kind of training for both physical and mental results. Wrestling is one of the best programs that you can enroll in at Kamikaze Punishment. Learning to wrestle not only gives you the skills to become a well-rounded fighter, but also transforms your mind to boost your confidence and make you at ease in all kinds of environments.

Children and adults can enroll in a variety of sports for physical development, but only wrestling requires you to engage all your muscle groups and demands a superior balance of athletic skill.

By joining the Kamikaze wrestling program, you get the chance to improve your speed, coordination, agility and intensity. In addition, our highly skilled trainer will take you through a routine that allows you to exercise all muscle groups including your legs, hips, and torso, as well as grip and neck strength. Among the best attributes of the wrestling program is the division of individuals based on their weight classes. This allows children of various sizes to train independently and compete at their own level, which is both safe and fair for the kids.

As you go through the program, you will see your focus, discipline and level of commitment grow with your skills. Unlike a variety of other sports, wrestling demands total involvement of the participant, which builds tenacity, persistence and a multitude of other traits that allow children to excel in other sports. While games like basketball, soccer and football require players to play as a team, wrestling is a one-on-one sport that requires the athlete to participate actively, and engage the opponent at the highest level possible to avoid defeat.

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