The Buddy Board

Every day we talk to the kids, and ask them about their day and engage in some small talk to build a relationship with the kids.  Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed that the children would always tell us about negative behaviours, we want to try and change this.

We came up with the Buddy Board.  The concept of the buddy board is promoting positive behaviours, and to lead by example.  We challenge the children to do one nice thing a day for someone else.  The nice gesture can be for anyone, as long as they have made someone else’s day a little bit better because of their act of kindness.  The goal is so that we have our little chats with the children each day, we want to hear about how they’ve helped someone, not about how they got into trouble.

How it works

The children need to tell us about one nice thing they did for someone else today.  This can be anything from holding a door open for someone, helping a school mate, helping your parents, helping us clean at the gym.

We will have a “Buddy Board” up at the gym with the children’s names listed.  For each nice thing they do for someone else the child with earn a sticker to put by their name. 

The child may lose stickers for negative behaviours, if they tell us they got in trouble at home or school we will take away a sticker, if the child is disruptive in class and asked to sit out during class they will lose a sticker as well. 

When a child earns 10 stickers, they will get to pick a prize!  Their count will re-start at zero, and they will move on to level 2 of the Buddy Board, which follows the exact same set of rules, except this time they will need to earn 15 stickers before their next prize reward, and so on and so forth.  The reasoning behind the increase of stickers needed at each level, is so the children are encouraged to do more good things each week, and not just stop at 10.