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Kamikaze Punishment Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer members to advance and get ranked in each discipline of choice?

Absolutely we offer professional designed proven and tested ranking systems in each discipline. Best part of all these ranking systems is you don't need to be a competitor to rank up and you can enjoy all the benefits of one or all the amateur sports programs we offer.

I have no experience with Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, TKD or any Martial Arts. Can I still train and become an active member at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation?

100% Absolutely! Many of our students come to us without any kind of training. During your first class, one of our trainers will work with you on the fundamental skills you’ll need to participate in the classes. All of our classes are designed to be accessible to any student, even those without prior training. We take great pride in teaching the absolute beginners from ground zero and transforming their mind and body with the future classes to become more confident and increase skill level.

Do I need to be shape before I start training?

Not at all as it is not a requirement to train; while being in shape certainly helps, we have found that most students gain tremendous physical benefits just from the training. With consistent training, you’ll develop strength and stamina for inside and outside the gym. You should consult with a doctor prior to embarking on ANY kind of exercise program.

Where to register for classes?

Simply come to the front desk when you enter the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation and request to speak with a coach on site, we prefer you to show up to register Monday thru Friday at 5-6pm or Saturday/ Sunday at Noon.  We prefer this option as we are non for profit and simply don't have the capital to have a full time front desk person as we choose to pass those savings onto the community members which register for programs. We are a family friendly facility so we have found this approach to work very well for us. 

I’m not sure if I want to join Kamikaze Punishment Foundation or not. Can I try out a class? 

Of course! We gladly offer a trial class to all new students.

Simply email us to schedule a date & time to try us out for free at .

What equipment do I need for each class?

TKD class: students should have 16oz boxing gloves, shin pads, and a mouthpiece. A good idea is also have a groin protector.

 Boxing Class students should have 16oz boxing gloves, head gear, and a mouthpiece. A good idea is also have a groin protector.

Martial Arts class Students should have Training gloves, shin pads, and a mouthpiece. A good idea is also have a groin protector.

No Gi Wrestling class students should have a mouthpiece. Men should also have a groin protector.

TDK class students wear standard gym clothes with gear available in class to use.

Note: Please bring your own equipment as it is more sanitary for you and everyone at the gym.

How often can I train?

All registered members have access to all class programs they would like to be registered in on our schedule, which means that you can attend as many classes as you want to as well you may use open mat times to sharpen up your skills.

Do I have to take all the classes?

You don't have to attend all classes as we setup the schedule so you can pick your disciplines of choice and attend as much as you wish. Even with kids Martial Arts classes simply attend as many as you can in a week as we understand everyone has a life outside of the gym and we don't make it mandatory to attend every class, we offer many sessions to apply to fit everyone's schedule. 

Are there women training at Kamikaze Punishment?

Our classes are open to everyone, and many women participate in our amateur training programs Boxing, Martial Arts Fitness, TKD and Wrestling classes form the kids to youth all the way up to adult classes.

Do I have to compete to train at Kamikaze Punishment?

No not at all. Actually that is the biggest misconception about Martial Arts Academies. Many of our students train as recreational athletes simply to get in shape, learn a new skill, or just enjoy the growth that comes with practicing a martial art.

I want to train, but I can’t make the scheduled classes. Is it possible for me to do private training?

Of course we encourage group class participation to benefit the team environment however many of our trainers offer private and semi-private lessons. Contact us for more information as we understand everyone's schedule is different as we want to serve the community at all times so we can make other training options available upon request if possible.

I want to compete! When can I? Who do I talk to?

Competing is always an essential part of any sport however with combative sports we feel speaking with one of our coaching staff is the first step in the process. We encourage anyone who is interested and dedicated to compete and represent our club; we also want to be certain that our students are physically and mentally prepared for the challenge.

This stuff looks really dangerous! Do people get hurt doing this?

Safety of our students is priority number one above all else. While occasional accidents do occur, the rate of injury for most of our students is no greater than in any other sport. We pride ourselves on being an ego free, family, fun, fitness atmosphere in our facility for everyone to benefit and that’s the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation difference.

Where can I park my car?

Parking is permitted in our parking lot located in front of our gym as well as in the street as there is limited traffic flow most days.



We operate with a moral compass leading with compassion, respect, integrity, and transparency.

If you wish to cancel your membership at any time all we require is 30 days written notice.

No hidden costs associated as we strongly feel if for some reason you are unable to be an active member of our foundation then we grant your wishes without penalty.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. “Working together is success"

Challenge yourself - Training with Kamikaze Punishment Foundation can be challenging, but rewarding.