Instructor Kamikaze puts on group fitness classes designed to work you and give you a proper push.

Kamikaze Fit Program


Amateur Team Group Fitness

Group training beats going to the gym with no structure or instruction any day, hands down. We focus on circuit training for the whole body with exercises that will help you get into top-notch shape in an enjoyable and lively setting that motivates, encourages and enhances self-esteem. We offer full body movement training thus helping your body to function properly by using its own weight with or without resistance to develop practical strength. No matter your age or level of fitness, our all-inclusive strength and conditioning routines will guarantee the fulfillment of your goals in a helpful, motivating and non-intimidating environment. Training as a group builds a solid team environment. It raises the morale of the class with positive reinforcement from the instructor to assist you to complete the workouts fully.

TRX movements

Spin Bikes

Plyometric movements

Water Rowers

Boxing Drills

Kettle bells

Light Weights

Weighted sled

Motivation built with a positive team environment ensuring everyone's success!

All our group fitness classes are fitness and performance programs aimed at keeping you in peak shape thus allowing you to enjoy the best from your body as you participate in your favorite sports. You will enjoy training with small groups thus making the course exciting. Having a personalized and exclusive training session training under the watchful eyes of highly skilled fitness experts assist you in reaching your goals faster. You are also free to form your own group to learn in the company of your teammates or friends.