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Only $150 per session.

15 person max per session

The next level of teambuilding group Fitness Classes offered Kamikaze Punishment Foundation.
Stay in top notch shape all year round with our group performance group fitness program.
We aim to get in the best shape of your life with whole body, natural exercise in a fun and dynamic setting that inspires, motivates, and builds self-esteem. We train the body in the way it was meant to be used by training full body movements, using your own body weight with or without resistance in order to build usable strength. Regardless of age or starting fitness level, whether beginner or elite athlete, our comprehensive strength and conditioning programs will ensure that your goals are reached in a motivating, non-intimidating and supportive environment.

Maximize Strength

Family Friendly

Develop Power

Increase Endurance

Boost Energy

Burn Fat

Enhance Mobility

Challenge Yourself

Our teambuilding group performance classes are specific training program that will keep you in pinnacle shape so you can get the most out of your body for the sport you enjoy. Enjoy training with small class sizes and workouts that are exciting & enjoyable. Teambuilding group performance classes are designed custom by incorporating functional strength training with a blend of combative sports training made practical to benefit anyone’s health.

This is for sports teams and groups looking for that extra push.

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Thank you.

Group fitness classes with a extra push at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation.

Group fitness classes with a extra push at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation.