Kids Team Martial Arts Fitness Program



Every martial arts artist understands the important of confidence and respect. You will only achieve this if you are training in the right martial arts school. Your kid will understand that respect from others is earned. 

We focus on circuit training for the whole body with exercises that will help you get into top-notch shape in an enjoyable and lively setting that motivates, encourages and enhances self-esteem. We offer full body movement training thus helping your body to function properly as it should by using its own weight with or without resistance so as to develop practical strength. No matter your age or level of fitness, our all-inclusive strength and conditioning routines will guarantee the fulfillment of your goals in a helpful, motivating and non-intimidating environment. Training as a group builds a solid team environment and raises the moral of the class with positive reinforcement from the instructor to assist you to complete the workouts fully.

All Classes INCORPORATE TEAM Martial Arts Fitness Program into there warm up

An attribute that you will develop during the course of our martial arts fitness program is personal accountability. The functional aspects of martial arts training with the proper development of balance, strength, focus, endurance and self-confidence. We use marital arts fitness to target the key areas which will transition in to our martial arts skill building techniques. All exercises are low impact and designed to engage the children to embrace physically activities associated with martial arts training. Jumping, shrimping, planking, kicking, balance, sprawling, rolling and running are all aspects covered in a class of our Martial Arts Fitness Program.