Be a Buddy not a Bully Program


As a registered Kamikaze Punishment Foundation member ages 5 to 11 you have access to all children's programs on the schedule.

Class is divided into 2 groups 

Jr. Ninjas (Ages 5-8 years) Sr. Ninjas (9-11 years)

*5 days a week CHILDREN's program* 

Our Martial Arts classes for Kids at Kamikaze Punishment are a huge success. There are 5 children's classes per week with highly qualified coaches in each discipline of Taekwondo, Boxing & Wrestling. Their proficiency in handling children has been instrumental in introducing children to the exciting world of martial arts, guiding them along a path of fun, discipline and fitness. Our classes are full with lots of kids bursting with positive energy and an immense desire to develop their skills. All the children train hard in the sessions, and there is no doubt that they will excel in future.

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Evidence is everywhere of the benefits of kids' fitness in all kinds of ways. 
If children get into good habits of taking part regularly in physical activities, then throughout their youth and as they move into adulthood and grow older, they will be in much better physical shape. An active lifestyle is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular problems or disease. Significantly, it has beneficial effects on overall mental health and quality of life too. 

There's also a strong body of research linking regular physical activity with enhanced cognition and brain function. Several hypotheses describe effects such as increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain, a greater output of endorphins resulting in stress relief and greater pleasure, and increased production of compounds to protect the nervous system. 

Exercise causes a child's nerve cells to multiply and develop stronger, more robust connections. It encourages nerve cells release proteins that trigger other chemicals stimulating brain functions and promoting neural health. This encourages the brain to work at its full capacity, and can have a positive influence on learning ability and a child's academic performance. 


Kids need exercise and most of them could get way more of it. Less than one third of children aged 6 to 17 get 30 minutes of daily exercise. Considering the long-term and instant benefits they are all missing out on, that's a tragedy. 

A regular exercise routine like martial arts can give every kid structure and progression in their daily activities. They'll gain an understanding of the benefits of key training areas including stretching, interval training, strength training and core building activities. Those interests will serve them well for a lifetime. 

-Our Children's Program-


Martial Arts Program

Roots of the program

Character development

Self Defence Techniques

Positive Mentorship

Physical development

Positive training habits

Confidence Building

Positive Mannerisms

Friendships & community growth as one.

Access to all 5 classes per week for $80 per month registration per child.

Note: We appreciate you to assist with 2 fundraiser in a calendar year to keep costs down on memberships.