Kids Wrestling Program


There are no losers in wrestling, just winners and learners.

Wrestling is a popular physical sport in which the strength of the player is exercised and situation handling capacity is judged. Though it is an individual sport, immense bonding is shared between the team members just like any other sport.

Wrestling is a physical combat sport. It is one of the most exhausting sports, both mentally and physically and probably this is the reason why that moment gives immense pleasure when you win a bout in this match. This game demands not only sound physical fitness but also an unbreakable confidence and character that define true sportsman spirit.

The objective of each wrestler is to pin the opponent and establish own superiority without violence. While doing so, the wrestlers perform various techniques such as taking down, joint locks, pins, and grappling holds. The judges award points for each successful move to pin down your opponent. The team having maximum points at the end of the match is declared as winner.

Kids No-Gi Jujitsu Program in Edmonton

Like a variety of other sports, getting your child involved in Jujitsu/Judo is one way of helping him or her develop into a better individual. By taking our kids wrestling classes, your child will acquire a plethora of positive attributes including: focus, respect and confidence; physical fitness; practical self-defense skills; flexibility and coordination; teamwork spirit; and social skills that will help him/her develop quality friendships.

Our proficiency in handling children has been instrumental in introducing children to the exciting world of No Gi wrestling, guiding them along a path of fun, discipline and fitness. Our wrestling classes are full with lots of kids bursting with positive energy and an immense desire to develop their skills. All the children train hard in the sessions, and there is no doubt that they will excel together as a team in the future.