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Kamikaze Punishment Foundation's Shoot the President paintball event

Kamikaze Punishment Foundation

Shoot the president event

Nov.12.2015 at 7pm

Edmonton Paintball Center 10010 107a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0V4
(780) 800-2324

We have booked a night of paintball for Brad's birthday this year. So that we can all get our revenge for the endless fitness classes he puts us through.

We need at least 40 people to come, in order to book the room, and we can't have more then 60 people. I should be getting the tickets within a week or two. Once they are sold out, I can't get anymore. So if you want to come make sure you get your tickets from me (Susie) or Brad.

It'll cost only $35 per person.

Every player gets all the required equipment (coveralls, gloves, mask, paintball gun,
etc) and 200 paintballs. Extra paintballs can be
purchased as needed by players.

The staff will organise players into teams and run
a round-robin style tournament for 2-3 hours.

Ages 10 and up are welcome. (minors will need parents to be on site)