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Team Kamikaze Punishment Foundation Registers For The Spartan Race


Let's give a big #AROO to one of our BOOT CAMP sponsors, Kamikaze Punishment Foundation! Located in Edmonton, Alberta, get into the best shape of your life with whole body, natural exercise in a FUN and DYNAMIC setting that inspires, motivates, and builds self-esteem!

Regardless of age or starting fitness level, whether beginner or elite athlete, their comprehensive STRENGTH and CONDITIONING programs will ensure that your goals are reached! DEFINITELY check them out!

Northern Alberta Spartan Sprint 2015

June 27, 2015

Westlock, Canada

Saturday Race 1:00 PM

Heat Team Name-Kamikaze Punishment Foundation

Team Discount Code-BGSkamikaze

Limited space so register now please.

Let the training begin!!!

Click on link and continue as guest to register now: