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Wing Chun Self Defence - Hand to Hand Combat - Winter Seminar

Wing chun self defence

Hand to hand combat - Seminar

"Wing Chun is great for self defense"

Most known Wing Chun student is Bruce Lee.

Kamikaze Punishment is a lifestyle for everyone to enjoy. We use Wing Chun based techniques to build a better body with a healthy physique. Wing Chung for fitness or sport but always works best for self defence situations.

Wing Chun is arguably the most effective self defense system in the world. A highly effective combat-tested system of self defense, fighting skills and defensive tactics, Wing Chun has been taught and integrated into the training programs of hundreds of military & law enforcement agencies around the world such as the US Navy Seals, the FBI, CIA, the French RAID, German SEK units.

Wing Chun is generally regarded as one of the most efficient close combat self defense systems. It emphasizes aggressive tactics, direct/scientific movement and realistic training.

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When: Saturday November 28 2015

Where: 6740-121 AVE Edmonton

Price: $25 members / $40 non members

Times: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

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Limited Space.

Women or Men over 12 years old.