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Emperor of Pankration-Champion Series-Super Fights on Saturday April 8 2017

  • Kamikaze Punishment Foundation 6740- 121 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB, T5B 0Y6 Canada (map)

Emperor of Pankration-Champion Series

Super Fights on Saturday April 8 2017 at Kamikaze Punishment

Weigh ins at Noon

Matches start at 1:00pm in the cage

Matches will be organized and selected by the match maker Bryce Lyle which you may contact at to apply for a match on this Pankration super fight event. There will only be 8 super fights max so spots are limited so sign up asap to compete.

 Please email your:




Martial arts style



Ages 14 years +


1.5+ years of martial arts experience

Must be represented with a coach/corner person

This competition is ideal for athletes wishing to test themselves above a tournament level event and a safe preparation for amateur mixed marital arts combat. The competitors are not required to pay an entry fee that is waived by our sponsors and as additional bonus we award each competitor with a prize basket for their efforts being involved in the event. This event is to advance the skill set of athletes wish to compete with safety in mind at all times.

PANKRATION is a World Heritage MARTIAL ART, being the only Martial Sport in existence today that can legitimately trace its roots to the Ancient Olympic Games from 648BC to 393AD. The oldest written evidence of Pankration can be found in the 586th lyric of Orfica in the ancient poem “Argonautica ", which researchers believe dates as far back as the 12th Millennium BC. In 648 BC, Pankration was included as an event for Adult Males in the 33rd Ancient Olympic Games.  Youth Males event started in 200 BC in the Youth Olympic Games.

Pankration is a very safe alternative to competing in mixed martial arts competitions. It is also a nice way to test your skills learned in the class room under the pressure of a competition without risking injury to the head. I am sure everyone has watch an MMA event where a rookie with limited training steps in the cage and gets out classed by a large margin and Pankration plays a role in building up skills before a competitor steps in a MMA event. The learning process is heightening with Pankration tournaments as competitors can enjoy the matches without the head trauma. By really looking back on matches and picking key areas of improvements will evolve the athletes. Pankration tournaments are not just for individuals planning on going into MMA the tournament can also be consider a huge accomplishment for recreational athletes to strive to win.

Emperor of Prankration Tournament Series contacted Kamikaze Punishment as a host location for these events. Given there is no amateur MMA in our current region this seems to be a great tournament for Kamikaze Punishment athletes also open to all other respectful athletes to compete. The matches will take place in a 22 foot competition size cage with 3 judges scoring each bout and 1 referee inside with the competitors. There will be 3 X 3 minute rounds and if the match is determined a draw an extra round to determine the winner by judges’ score cards. We are using a similar system to the 10 point must system in place in most MMA commissions for scoring a match winner. There is absolutely zero head contact allowed within the match and as you read over the rules below we have taken allot of the risky maneuvers out of the competition. As it is really nice to see a competition like this where you can go to work Monday morning without risking allot of injuries.

Women’s Weight Classes:

99lbs to 114lbs

115lbs to 124lbs

125lbs to 134lbs

135lbs to 144lbs

145lbs to 154lbs

155lbs to 164lbs

165lbs to 179lbs

180lbs to 200lbs

200lbs to 225lbs

Above 225lbs

Men’s Weight Classes:

115lbs to 124lbs

125lbs to 134lbs

135lbs to 144lbs

145lbs to 154lbs

155lbs to 164lbs

165lbs to 179lbs

180lbs to 200lbs

200lbs to 225lbs

Above 225lbs


3 X 3 minute rounds with a 90 second break in between rounds.

1 X 3 minute round (If required due to a draw) as O.T

Wear all safety equipment at all times.

No head strikes what so ever with any part of the body such as kicks, punches, elbows or knees.

Body and leg kicks allowed just no knee strikes.

No neck cranks or locks also no strikes to collarbones.

No ankle cranks or locks also no foot stomps or heel hooks.

No knee bars, cranks or locks also no kicks to joints such as knees.

Punches only allowed to the body of an opponent on the ground.

No knees, elbows, or kicks to an opponent on the ground.

No groin, head-butting or eye gouging allowed.

Sportsmanship of all competitors is a must.

Referee & Judging:

1 referee will be assigned to the match.

3 judges will be assigned to the match.

10 point must system for judges scoring cards.

1 point deduction for illegal blow providing a warning was given.

If action is stalled with no progression of positions both competitors are stood up by referee.

Low blows in the groin are given 2 minutes recovery time.

Any excessive force used will result in 1 point deduction.

Disqualification of a competitor happens when the ref feels the situation is deemed unsafe. 

A loud noise or painful look during a submission attempt can result in referee stoppage.

Referee may stop the competition at any time due to cuts or damage taken by a competitor.

Safety equipment required:

Shin guards

Mouth guard

MMA sparing gloves

Rash guard



Corner person required for each competitor

Winner is determined by:

Submission of opponent.

Referee stoppage due to opponent not defending themselves or fighting back.

Decision based on judges score cards. 

Draw based on equal points of judges score cards and in this case an extra O.T round will be given to determine the winner.