2nd degree Black belt Utsuri-Ryu ju-jitsu-Joseph Lindal Sensei

A look into the 2nd degree Black belt Utsuri-Ryu ju-jitsu-Joseph Lindal Sensei

Joseph Lindal Sensei

2nd degree Black belt Utsuri-Ryu ju-jitsu
Brown belt Judo
Head Instrucor of Black belts:
•    Jarid Bussemakers
•    Ernie Lindal
•    Jackie Lindal
Martial arts Instructor for over 24 years.
Runs many jujitsu schools all over Alberta.

Japanese jujitsu is a well-rounded martial art. It's lots of fun and has something for everyone. At one time there were hundreds of different ju-jitsu styles in Japan. It has been my experience that many Japanese styles are very different from each other; some don't grapple. Some don't spar some don't wear a gi, some like us, do all of the above. No matter where you go, you're bound to learn something.

I got into martial arts after my parents found out I was being bullied in school they took me to see the karate kid movie and a boy scout troop and asked if I wanted to do judo or boy scouts.....wanting to do the crane like MR. Miyagi I said judo... My first class the instructor saw me kicking and said “no kicking in Judo!" Than an older boy threw me down and sat on my head...I told my parents I didn’t like judo...but they said, "You’re committed!"

So for a few years I got thumped at school and at the dojo. (From about 5yrs old to 12. Than our sensei moved and a new sensei took his place. This sensei did ju-jitsu. Finally could do the crane like Mr.Miyagi.

Along with different ground work geared more to submission. When I was 17 that sensei moved as well and I started teaching at Rich Valley. Ten years later I started teaching at 5 other schools in the counties of Lac St.Anne and Barrhead. When I was young I liked jujitsu because it allowed me to defend myself and not be afraid of confrontation so much. Now I like jujitsu because it helps me not be 400lbs, I can still touch my toes and have met so many excellent people along the way.

The things I like most about Japanese ju-jitsu is the broad training aspects and the open mindedness. Every martial art has something to offer.

For street application throws on the concrete or gravel certainly can be effective as is the ability to strike and grapple. 

Competition is great for many reasons, meet new friends, sharpen your technique against a skilled and unknown opponent etc. A person should be mindful of the type of tournament they are attending. I've been to over 100. Most were awesome...some were poorly run with competitors there to hurt you. Something like that could ruin martial arts for a beginner.

I don't really have a special interest. I like to learn everything. The sensei's and students at KP teach me new cool stuff all the time.

The Ranking system we use is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown black. There is also a junior black belt grade, (Brown with a black stripe) that is sometimes utilized if the student needs more competition, or technical work or even time to improve their attitude.