A welcoming and respectful atmosphere awaits you at the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation Academy

A welcoming and respectful atmosphere awaits you at the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation Academy

Fitness and the ability to defend yourself are two things everyone should have a right to, be they man or woman. At the KP, we pride ourselves not only on our mission and dedication to the various disciplines we teach, but also, we're proud of the fact that anyone who steps through our door is made to feel welcome and included; man or woman, boy or girl.

Our dynamic, progress-based classes encourage personal growth and development for each individual student at his or her own pace, emphasizing both physical and mental conditioning. Our experienced and skilled instructors uphold standards of excellence that inspire students to see beyond their current abilities and realize new levels of personal success by setting goals and achieving them, building character, and improving confidence, self-esteem and helping them cope with daily stress.

Kamikaze Punishment is a lifestyle for everyone to enjoy. We use MMA based techniques to build a better body with a healthy physique. MMA for fitness or sport, whatever your needs are we will support you to get their safely. We combine the best of each type of training to give you the ultimate complete workout.

Warm, Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

The first thing you'll love about us is the fact that our staffs aren’t the kind of hard boiled guys you might expect. In fact, we originally come from all walks of life, and you'd perhaps be surprised to learn but we've got a number of women on staff as well as men. Our atmosphere is as informal and friendly as it can be without sacrificing the discipline necessary to learn the art.

We're About a Lot More Than Fighting

At the gym, you won't find a sweaty 'fight club' atmosphere. We teach discipline, respect, self-respect and self defense. You've probably heard horror stories about some gyms and their lack of values. Our values are one of the things that set us apart, and we treasure that difference. We're sure you will too!

Kamikaze Punishment is committed to providing a professional, courteous and friendly environment for men, women and children of all levels, to achieve their personal goals in mixed martial arts, boxing and physical fitness. We accomplish this by offering exceptional customer service in the form of high-quality, innovative and enjoyable mixed martial arts and fitness instruction in a modern, clean, safe and positive environment. We aim to encourage individuals and families to lead healthier lifestyles, and to assist them in reaching their combative sport and fitness-related goals. Whether your goal is to improve your physical fitness, recapture the energy and vigor you once had, relieve stress or become a competitive athlete, we can help you. Our team is dedicated to your success.

A Variety of Styles

Every individual is different, and because of that, people will naturally gravitate to one style over another. By offering training in a variety of styles, there's something here for everyone. Male or female, young or old, you're welcome to explore everything we offer, and we know you'll find your center here, and the style that's right for you.

Classes offered for fitness development;

Grappling & Jujitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, TRX, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning programs, Kickboxing, Bootcamps, Yoga, School Field Trips, Birthday Parties with KP fitness.

These classes are specially designed to help with techniques and build your cardio to perform at your best at all times. Any skill level will love the atmosphere at Kamikaze Punishment as it is a safe & friendly headquarters.

Warriors With A Mission

We're not just about the discipline, either. We're warriors with a mission and we're fighting for a cure for MS. If you're looking for a gym with both heart and soul, if you're looking for a life changing experience that will simultaneously build your strength and confidence while helping make the world a better place by curing a dreadful disease, then you've found your new home here.

We seek to enrich the lives of as many individuals as possible with the positive life-changing benefits of our mixed martial arts, boxing and fitness programs, and by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our expert coaches and dedicated staff strive to enrich the community through our diverse fitness philosophy. At Kamikaze Punishment the gym is home and our students are family. We truly believe that you’ll experience a body and mind transformation that will carry forward through all aspects of your life!

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We believe in our coaches and trainers, we know that if you come in for one class, you will be convinced too. Try us out before you commit. Let us get you started on the path to greatness!

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