Feature spotlight on Kamikaze Punishment Foundation's Taekwondo Black Belt Instructor *Tanna*

*Taekwondo Instructor Tanna*

Tanna has studied martial arts for 21 years. She obtained her black belt in WTF Taekwondo under Grand Master Simon Chung. Tanna believes the tenets of Taekwondo must be practiced in life; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and having an Indomitable Spirit. Tanna diversified her martial arts training and obtained her Blue Belt in Kenpo and Blue Praciat in Muay Thai. Learning a variety of striking skills, Tanna incorporates sparring drills, self-defense and conditioning into the Taekwondo program with an emphasis on the mental and spiritual development of each student.

*Very valuable asset to the team*

“In martial arts, it is important that strategy be unfathomable, form be concealed, movements unexpected, so that preparedness against them be impossible.” Sun Tzu

She takes extra time out of her busy schedule to prepare students for competition and is always willing to help when she can.