New Kamikaze Punishment Foundation Member Referral Program

*Member Referral Program*

We are happy to announce a new members referral program available for our members to participate in and win prizes.

Every member will be given a members referral card which they can personalize with their name on the back.

This card can be given to friends and family for a complimentary week of training at our facility. As an added bonus if the client signs up as a member on our simple direct withdrawal program we will allow them the remainder of the month completely free of charge. 

Providing a more in-depth trial period of our facility to allow the clients to truly experience all that KP has to offer.

Every month we will then take all the member referral cards which have been redeemed and do a draw for amazing prizes.

Just another way we can give back to our members that help grow our foundation with positive people in the community.

*Team work makes the Dreamwork*