Here at the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation, we are an open and friendly community and we welcome anyone regardless of background or fitness level. We are dedicated to mentoring, guiding and inspiring young individuals to make the most of themselves and their abilities, live a healthy lifestyle and lead fulfilling and rewarding lives as adults. 

“Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence…If you’re in control, they’re in control.”
—Tom Landry

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation nurture and promote an understanding and awareness of youth martial arts such as amateur wrestling, Kodokan judo, amateur boxing, and Taekwondo. Through the use of positive public relations, relevant information and education as well as credible instructors who show strong leadership, we aim to promote the youth of today to make the most of themselves, physically as well as mentally. At The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation, we follow a philosophy to practice humility, integrity, courtesy and self-control, inside and outside the dojo, these strong beliefs are passed onto our students enabling them to participate in local, national and international competitions to the absolute best of their ability. 


Our dedicated coaching staff strives hard to help our athletes develop their full potential. Our role may vary from personal educator and motivator all the way through to a friend, supporter, or shoulder to cry on. Whatever the individual case or requirement may be, our highly motivated coaching team will work with our students each and every step of the way through any hardship they may face. We will analyze each athlete's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and work with them to achieve individual improvements, create an effective training schedule for optimum results as well as to motivate and character build each and every day. 
The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation aim to provide youth with the empowerment to tackle any situation that they may face throughout their adult lives with the use of martial arts. Maintaining the philosophy of integrity, courtesy, humility, and self-control will be an asset to the youth of today that they can take with them each and every step of the way through their adulthood. 


Many people don't realize the importance of having non-profit organizations in a community. These businesses serve to better the local community and beyond, while also using all income to cover expenses only and incur no monetary profit. A non-profit organization is able to utilize volunteers as a way to keep costs low and provide services to local residents and much needed support to the area in which they operate. Because volunteers are usually choosing to work an organization they believe in, this often means a higher quality of service provided, not to mention the savings that comes from not having to give them a paycheck.

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Non-profits need the support of donors and sponsorship's from both individuals and local businesses to run day to day operations and be able to maintain their non-profit status. Those who provide financial help to non-profits can help others in some way, even if they may not have the time to volunteer services. Helping out these organizations can give a worthwhile feeling, because in the end, you'll know that you're helping many people in the local community.


- To promote healthy living as a lifelong interest amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo and judo.

- Make amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo available for families at all income levels and work with anyone’s budget so all youths can participate in our programs offered.

-Create a fun alternative for youth fitness with amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo programs.

-Offer youth programs for the community to participate in and reach their personal goals.

-Engage the youth in our community to train in our facility and maintain 80% of our membership below the age of 21.

-To develop recreational fitness opportunities for the community.

-To develop high performance athletes in amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo.

-To achieve financial self-sufficiency as a non for profit society.

-To increase the number of participants in the efficient administration of the amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo.

-To increase the number of participants in the amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo.

-To promote greater public awareness of the health benefits of boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, taekwondo, judo, and jujitsu programs.

-To develop and maintain qualified coaches in accordance with the NCCP for amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo.

-To raise the technical level of amateur sports athletes with our programs of boxing, wrestling taekwondo, and judo.

-To increase female participation in amateur sports of boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and judo.


Becoming a student of Martial Arts should not be taken lightly. There is a discipline and an attitude that should be understood and accepted before you step foot in a dojo for the first time. All of the manners and etiquette of the dojo should be maintained on the inside and the out. It is the hardest part to learn, more so than the kicking and punching, but it is the only way to live a life with a fruitful attitude.

Improves Skill Sets Learning martial arts will impact several areas of life. When you are serious about learning martial arts, you will find that you are improving in several areas of your life. Focus, memorization, discipline, goal setting, effort, confidence, and respect.

Courtesy and respect are key elements in training in martial arts How we behave is how others perceive us to be. When considering martial arts, remember the following:

Keep your ego in check. Learning Martial Art, just like learning anything else, will have its good parts and bad parts. You will continually absorb information, from the beginning through advanced lessons, and keeping your mind open to learning will keep training fun and make it an enjoyable experience overall.

Warm up. Do not skip class warm up sessions. Warming up is not just about avoiding injury. It prepares your mind and body for the lessons to come and incorporates movements and techniques that will help improve performance.

Master basic techniques first. Advanced techniques are based on a solid mastery of the basics. Rushing through the basics, or not learning to do them properly, to get to the more advanced levels will impede development and your ability to advance to higher levels.

Be patient and focus on your educational path. Progress takes time and practice, and that is what is needed to advance through martial arts. Concentrate on learning the techniques and the development of your skills, train, and the advancements will come naturally.

Keep communication open with your instructors. Your instructors are your guides through your martial arts training. Speak with them openly and honestly when you have questions or concerns. It will help maximize your learning experience.

Relax. Take your time and move through the techniques at a natural pace. Doing so will significantly improve your ability to secure and escape positions and do better in your training overall.

Dojo Rules

Some things to know before you walk into your first dojo.

Remove your shoes upon entering and sign in.

Change in designated rooms provided.

Bring a water bottle to fill from the provided water cooler. Do not drink directly from the cooler.

Bow to the center of the mat upon entering and exiting.

Class begins with students lined up and giving a formal bow to the instructor.

Keep finger and toe nails neatly trimmed, for everyone's safety.

Keep uniform neat and clean at all times.

Gi classes require Gi top and bottom and level appropriate belt.

No Cell Phones will be used during class.

No-Gi classes require the rash guard, or t-shirt and pants, or shorts.

Ask for permission if you need to leave the mat or the class early.

Keep talking to a minimum. Conversations should be class subject related.

Stay focused on the instructor and show respect at all times.

Sit quietly and listen to the instructor as they are explaining or demonstrating concepts and techniques.

Belching, on or off the mat, is not permitted.

All jewelry and piercings should be removed prior to the start of training.

No shoes, food, or drink, are permitted on the mat at any time.





*5PM TO 6PM *


Bring your gym attire such as shorts, shirt and water bottle for your trial session to be successful. 

We have gear for you to use on your trial sessions until you purchase your own gear.


Simply come to the front desk when you enter the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation and request to speak with a coach on site, we prefer you to show up to register Monday thru Friday at 5-6pm or Saturday/ Sunday at Noon.  We prefer this option as we are non for profit and simply don't have the capital to have a full time front desk person as we choose to pass those savings onto the community members which register for programs. We are a family friendly facility so we have found this approach to work very well for us.