Our warm and welcome family at The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation, are also very active in our local community #YEGProud

At The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, friendly and positive atmosphere for the youth of today. We specialize in offering programs aimed directly at youth empowerment giving our students the ability to grow into mature, responsible and well-balanced individuals. We believe that today's youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and should grow up believing in themselves and their own sense of ability and worth. 

We work in conjunction with local schools to provide a safe environment for the students to train in after school hours until parents have finished work. Offering a structured martial arts training program provides endless benefits to both the local and wider communities. Students within our community have a great sense of pride and self-esteem, which enables them to make the most of their abilities and lead fulfilling adult lives. A high percentage of our trainers also have backgrounds in the law enforcement or military fields, which also aids in our ability to instruct, guide and mentor our students in a wide variety of circumstances. 

Our warm and welcome family at The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation, are also very active in our local community. We have a close relationship with the MS Society of Alberta helping to raise vital funds with our "Fighting For A Cure" campaign. We have also developed a fantastic relationship with the Edmonton Police, who offer excellent advice and inspiration for our students on a regular basis. At The Kamikaze Punishment Foundation we are dedicated to helping stamp out bullying and actively speak out about issues such as this, in a variety of public situations. 

We strongly believe that each individual student has the right to reach their full potential, no matter what their background, beliefs, or past history. We encourage students to learn how to appropriately deal with negative situations that will inevitably arise throughout our lives, and turn these events into positive ones. Being able to have a community in which our youth can feel safe, valued and respected is something that we are committed to and pride ourselves on.