The importance of fundraising and the way it brings the community together as one #everyone #matters #yeg

Fundraising is a very important activity for many people. It not only helps in gathering resources needed for a program, but it also has benefits that go well beyond the main goal of fundraising. 

Programs are vulnerable to budget cuts at the same time families are often unable to foot the bill for activities, therapies and other needs. The lack of resources may be the deciding factor on the future of a children training in sports programs, and it is obvious that fundraising comes in handy to help breach the gap. More and more, parents and caregivers find themselves in the need to be creative to raise funds and complete an activity. But the ultimate money collected is not the only benefit fundraising yields; there are many other skills developed in the process. 
An intangible yet important by-product of raising funds is the sense of ownership of the process. Whether you are the recipient or the funder, getting to know a project so intimately that it moves you to either raise or contribute funds is very important. Very often those benefiting from funds raised have put in a lot of work to collect the money, which in turn makes them be proud of their accomplishments and of a mission fulfilled. This sense of empowerment makes the beneficiary feel like they can indeed tackle issues that might have appeared insurmountable before. 

At the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation we understand the need for extracurricular activities that fall within a reasonable family budget. This is why we embark on many projects geared towards raising funds that will cover our cost and allow us to keep registration fees lower than average. Our commitment to the community is such that we offer a wide variety of classes, 7 days a week, so we may fit into our families’ schedules easily. We also believe firmly that children should participate in physical activity on a regular basis and we attempt to facilitate and empower all children to do so. Fundraisers for the foundation are not about the money; they are about improving access to enriching activities for the members of our community. 
In our experience we have also found that engaging our students in civic activities for the benefit of others has generated great results. Children and their families are greatly empowered and held accountable for their success. Raising funds for the benefit of others gives them a new perspective on society and on their own place in it. An important lesson on helping others is learned while being creative on how to raise funds for a particular program. 
It has been shown that children who participate in these kinds of activities from an early age are usually more engaged as adults. Conversely, those who have been helped by others develop a sense of belonging and a reassured self-esteem. It is this feeling of being a part of society that also encourages them to make better decisions in life. 

So let us focus not only on raising funds, but also on capitalizing on the positive impact the whole process has on the individual. From encouraging creativity to strengthening the sense of self, it is a win-win situation for all involved.