-Youth Martial Arts Program-

As a registered Kamikaze Punishment Foundation member ages 11-17 you have access to all youth programs on the schedule.


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Our Youth Martial Arts Program classes at Kamikaze Punishment are a huge success. There are 6 youth classes per week with highly qualified coaches in each discipline of Taekwondo, Boxing & Wrestling. Their proficiency in handling youth has been instrumental in introducing children to the exciting world of martial arts, guiding them along a path of fun, discipline and fitness. Our classes are full with lots of positive energy and an immense desire to develop their skills. All the children train hard in the sessions, and there is no doubt that they will excel in future.

At Kamikaze Punishment Foundation we have organized a strong martial arts youth program for everyone to benefit no matter skill level or experience.

This program will be for the youth ages 11-17 years of age and the children who have advanced to the rank of Gold level in our kids program-Be a Buddy not a Bully.

Fitness Boxing Program "BE A BUDDY NOT A BULLY PROGRAM" Boxing is great fitness for your child and they will acquire skills while having fun in a sport that is becoming wildly popular among most North Americans.

Our goal is to empower the youth to evolve together towards the relentless pursuit of excellence as they advance from our children's program to our youth program.

The future of Martial Arts is not learning each separate discipline on its own but combining them together with a mindset 100% targeted for recreation and competition. Boxing, Wrestling and Taekwondo all have lots of technique and forms that makes each style unique and applicable for sports specific competition. If you want to be the best at Boxing, Wrestling, or Taekwondo you should train those individual disciplines at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation weekly. If you want to give yourself an extra push and be a fully functional proficient martial artist you should take a variety of classes within specific disciplines to be the very best you can possibly be.