Senior Youth/Adult Programs


The future of Martial Arts is not learning each separate discipline in its own but combining them together with a mindset 100% targeted for recreation and competition. Boxing, Wrestling and Taekwondo etc all has lots of technique and forms that makes each style unique and applicable for sports specific competition. If you want to be the best at Boxing, Wrestling, and Taekwondo ect you should train those individual disciplines at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation weekly. If you want to give yourself an extra push and be a fully functional proficient martial artists you shall take a mix of all classes of specific disciplines to be the very best martial artist you can possibly be. Kamikaze Punishment Foundation utilizes the more experienced athletes to mentor the new students to grow as one unit providing the most positive learning experience with each lesson. We allow our youth to attend these classes as well to provide them with more opportunities to learn and grow there skill set. The youth are mentored by the adults in the class under the instruction of the coach with a team-building method of philosophy. 

-We invite everyone to try all the classes we offer and never stop learning-